Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tuesday update

The end is in sight! And I mean that literally: the end of the fabric is in sight.
Penguins on Ice #20 is done, only 2 of the little critters to go.

Wish me stitching vibes so that I get them done by the end of August. I need Sep/ Oct to stitch diligently on Bears on Balloons so it can be framed for the mid-Nov birthday deadline.

I always seem to have stitchy down time after I finish something. Does anyone else have that problem? Or are you so excited at being able to start something else that the issue never arises?

Tamsin got her certificate for doing her RAD Pre-Primary "exam" today. That means that Jess will get her marks for RAD Grade 3 at class tomorrow. Proud mama promises to post the result.

BAL exam is Sunday Aug 25 and then that's ballet done for the year. Jess wants to drop ballet, and reduce down to just gymnastics from now on. Fees-wise I can cope with this decision. I'm a bit sad otherwise cos she's been doing some really lovely dancing lately. Tamsin I'll keep at ballet to at least the same level Jess has reached - the pros of ballet are worth keeping her at it till at least Grade 3.

Tamsin was doing sautes today in class: she is just as springy as Jess. Miss Lily, in the run up to the RAD exam, was telling Jess that the grade 3 sautes were petite, not grande like Jess was doing. Jess then demonstrated what her grande sautes looked like. And as Jess was perfectly in time to the music, Miss Lily had to accept that Jess' sautes were always going to be twice as high as the rest of the class. Coach Richard just laughed when we told him. What else do you expect from a student who can do standing flics and punch front saltos?


Judith said...

They look great. Good luck on the last two. Do you have enough fabric left.

Floss said...

Wow - congratulations to Jess! ANd you... just keep stitching, just keep stitching...