Thursday, August 30, 2007

A finish!!

Ballet exams are useful. How can this be? Due to the need to spend two Sunday mornings in a row at ballet waiting for the girls, I got a good chunk of stitching done.

Here's the result:
A finish!
This is for my niece's birthday - as mentioned in a previous post some months back.
Just needs a quick wash, then off to the framers it will go, well ahead of deadline.
It's from the UK's Cross Stitcher magazine April 07 issue, by the same designer as the Dandelion Bear I finished last month.

Now to dig out my Marty Bell's The Abbey (for the UFO Challenge SAL) and go through my stash to find a small new one to start. I want to find a cat one to do, possibly a Margaret Sherry... just love having to have a stash fondle :)

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Judith said...

It looks great. I am looking forward to seeing the Abbey again.