Monday, April 25, 2016

On a roll

Third finish for the weekend, from fabric purchased at Angel Fabrics on Saturday.  It just needs crystals to be added.

AXS, for ball (of which she has 3: fuschia, pink/orange glitter and neon orange)
Plus Doris Day music equals floral sundress - why not?

Leotard in a day!

From the stash, just cos I could.  Loving having mesh that matches the lycra.  Angel Fabrics has a really good range of mesh now.

Size 8 slim

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Finally, one for Tink

Ten leotards made so far this year, and yet none of them were for Tamsin - and she is double coding this year!  That is, competing both aerobics and rhythmic.  Yes, she's back training competitive rhythmic after a year off doing rec trampoline.
So, surely she needs leotards you say?  Yes, yes she does - and very soon as the first aerobics comp AND the first rhythmic comp are in two weeks, on the same weekend (gah!).
While at Angel Fabrics recently, this fabric came home and is now her 2016 hoop leotard:

One down, ribbon and ball to go.
Her aerobics leotard this year will be a Leotard by Clare.
May the madness that is the comp season commence!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Catching up

Competition season is underway - trampoline have started already, whilst artistic, rhythmic and aerobics start in early May, which is suddenly very soon!

I've been a bit behind posting finished leos, so here's a catch up:

Red glitter velvet with gold digital lycra applique, size 6 - now in Tauranga.

3 colours of metallic mesh with purple lycra butt, size 11 - now in Tauranga.

Adult Small, purple/blue metallic mesh over purple lycra - now in Tauranga.

Adult Small, maroon glitter mesh over black mesh - now in Tauranga.

Size 6, ready for lots of crystals - now in Tauranga.

 Size 8+, blue digital lycra with gold digital lycra applique - now with a Nth Hbr gymnast.

It's been a busy few weeks!