Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One from the stash

Way back when Jess was in her first year of gymnastics, she was training in Pakuranga, which happens to be next to Howick, where there used to be a hobby shop with cross stitch supplies.  Needless to say, Tamsin and I found our way over there reasonably often since Jess' class was on a Saturday and went for 3 hours.
Tamsin, bless her cotton socks, never minded being there.  She used to love pottering around showing me things she thought I needed to see (she turned 1 in the Feb of that year) and one of the kits she really liked was only $10, and cute, so I bought it.
When I opened it, I found it to be number 4 in a set of 6, and when laid out in a 2 x 3 grid made a bigger picture.  Good stash hoarder that I am, the next time we were in the shop I ordered the other five kits.
I decided I would stitch them in order, from "A" to"F".  "A" was done several years ago, but then the rest of the kits got left in the stash as other designs took my fancy and got stitched.
With all the "waiting at gym class" I do, I always have a travelling stitch bag in the car - and that's how the Christmas finish of the previous post got done.  So when rummaging in the stash for a smallish kit to go in the car, I decided it was time to haul Tamsin's choice of kit from 7 years ago out and get them done.
So here's design 35B from Pinn:

And here's the one done previously, 35A:
I guess you'd call them "fairybugs"...