Sunday, January 25, 2015

Moving on to not so simple

This one is nowhere near as simple as Izabella's ballet leo; her Aunty Hannah has slightly more sophisticated tastes!

Size 14, all ready for Hannah's mum to bling to death before they leave for some competitions in the US.

Starting simply

First leo for the year:
A nice, simple practice leotard for ballet; in Izabella's favourite neon peach.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Progress Report

Now here's a blast from the past!  Bet you didn't think I get this one out again... but every Christmas break I do try to get some stitching done on it, and this time I've succeeded, YAY:
Marty Bell's The Abbey, from Pegasus Designs

This is the last progress photo I can find of it, but I was a lot further on with it than this - the house was complete, as was the front fence:
Even so, I'm very happy with progress.
I still have quite a ways to go: the last of the garden, then fill in the missing sky (just one colour), then the (urk) backstitching - of which there is lots... oh well.  I still really like the design, so it is not too hard to continue on with it. 
This is the biggest design I've ever attempted; I'm a very slow stitcher - which is why my UFO and stash pile is so big!  LOL.

Last one for 2014

This little cutie is a design I got from Kerry D when she was having a massive stash clearout in preparation for moving cities:
Pen-Gwen by Twisted Threads, DMC on aida.