Sunday, May 26, 2013

now for one I prepared earlier

In previous post I mentioned that I'd made an RG tester leo, but hadn't taken any photos.  I've rectified that now, so here it is:
It is hard to get on, fits very well and she likes it.  But really, she needs to move into size10 (this is a size 8).  I think it all depends on the lycra used as to the fit, as much as the pattern size.  For example, her last year's velvet one still fits just fine - and it's a size 7.  Trial and error continues to be the way forward, it seems.  Just as well I have so much lycra stashed away....  lol.

Just testing... still!

I realised that I had never kept a record of exactly which pattern (I have about 5 I use) was used for which leotard.  So this year, I'm keeping a note of that, along with how it fit.  That way, when I come to make the "real" comp leo(s), I'll be able to use the right pattern that fits!

Therefore, here are two more:

Tink says the neon peach/black one is the most comfortable (cos I used a different leg elastic), while I think the lime swirl one looks the most striking.  I've been dying to use those green fabrics!
But it's definite: she's now a size 10, up from the last two years' size 7.  Better go check the fit of last year's RG leos, I guess...

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's that time again....

Leotard making time....
First of two made this week:
AER tester for 2013, s8 slim. Only thing is, Tink has grown (in the body this time!) so is now a s10.
The other one is an RG tester, also s8, also just on the wrong side of too small.
Consequence?  6 leotards now available for sale, and 4 leotards need to be made in the next 4 weeks - yikes!
My mum reckons kids always grow during school holidays...