Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where there's lycra, there'll be leotards...

Still stitchin' and blingin'
This one was done for StitchItAndie's 8yro DD who has just started gym:
It arrived safely at its new home; most importantly it fits!
This one I made from the lycra stash cos I love the colours - both separately and in combination:

It's a size 8 and too big.  I'll keep it to hand in case Elianor has grown out of her birthday leo by the 9th (mock comp, with first real comp the following weekend).  Else it will be up for grabs - need $$$ for more lycra doncha know!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

To the people of Japan

oh. my. god.
Huge thoughts and sympathies to you all re this awful awful earthquake with its resulting tsunamis and fires.
THANK YOU so much for your brave, professional and extremely hard working rescue teams that were here in NZ in Christchurch.  They are on a plane right now, heading back to you.

the people of New Zealand