Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trying it on for size

More from the stash... these are sizing leotards: the blue is child size 10 while the purple is child size 12.

Into a courier bag they go, heading south.

Monday, August 20, 2012

and all that jazz

As you wonderful faithful followers will have noticed, Tink did her Grade 3 jazz exam last week.
I like NZAMD jazz exams, as I've mentioned before, due to the way the results are given out.  No 6-8 weeks wait, plus the examiner always puts a positive and a something to work on comment on the results card.
So Tink came dashing out of class tonight and proudly handed over her results cards from her exam and medal test.
The medal test she passed, and the card had a very positive and detailed comment on it - mentioning (again) how well Tink used those long legs of hers in "the most amazing leg kicks".
Her exam result card also had a glowing comment on it, and this time she got Very Very Good in all the sections except for Attitude where she got Excellent - I'm so pleased!  Such a consistent performance is awesome, and a good improvement in her work.  Net result, you ask?

For the third year in a row - go Tinkerbelle!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Clarence, the Cross Eyed Lion

Meet CC, our new kitteh.  About 6 months old, we got her from Forgotten Felines on Monday.  She is extremely curious, loves ping pong balls and has picked up the "circling shark" ethic of our other cats already - the fastest of all the cats we've ever had.  Very affectionate, with a very loud rumbly purr, she is still quite skittish.

She's also just slightly cross eyed - very endearing!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Still at it

I'm still playing in the lycra stash, working through ideas.  Tamsin saw the one I was working on and said "Could I wear that for my jazz medal test?"
Yes, yes you can.

Tink had fun at her Grade 3 jazz exam and junior bronze medal test, coming home proudly with her bronze pin.  The examiner, when awarding her the pin, commented that Tink had the longest legs she'd ever seen!
We've known that since before she was born - even the radiologist commented on it, lol.