Friday, December 27, 2013

What did I miss?

So - Christmas has come and gone and here I am, staring at the end of the year already.  Was it just me, or did this year really, really, just zoom past?
It was so fast that I haven't posted since before Nationals; and that was in the first week of October!
Speaking of Nationals, the first thing I missed was to post an update about Nationals.  It was lovely being in Napier; the venue was great for the competition floor, but useless for training and warm up areas (not like Dunedin where the comp floor was good and the warm up areas were huge).  It was a great experience being a judge and I'm looking forward to continuing being an AER judge in 2014.
How did Tink do, you ask?  Well, Tink volunteered again and this year competed aerobics ADP2 (a higher stream than the Steps program she competed in last year).  She just missed out on earning a kitten, as she was 0.1 (!) off getting her proficiency pin, gah!  This was still a great result though as 15.65 is a whole point higher than she'd gotten in ADP2 all year (Go Tink!!).  In fact, the ADPs really competed hard.  All of them brought their game faces and upped their energy for Nationals - something, in my opinion, the Steps girls didn't really do.
The other things I missed updating were, unsurprisingly, leotards:

Tink's freehand leo, made when she grew in the body (for a change) between comps.
Ribbon leo, made for the same reason.  Her rope leo I've posted previously.

This is a size 6 leo for sizing purposes, as I have lovely people wanting me to make leos for their girls and this way I can work out which size/style fits best.  Although I will sell it should someone want it :)

And last, but not least:
For Ana, to wear at 'nastics class in Houston now she is 4(!!)
It better arrive safely, Mr Postman...