Friday, February 20, 2009

Nice weather for ducks

It's raining here - as is it over most of the country. Still very hot and sticky though.
My mum would say "nice weather for ducks" so here's the duck for the weather:
Souffle the Duck, from UK's CrossStitcher magazine. He needs gumboots for some of the puddles around here!
Now, everyone please send good weather vibes to Rowyn for Saturday as it's her wedding. All the best for a fab day, Rowyn!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be My Valentine

Finished yesterday (Feb 14), very appropriately don't you think?

Pretty little piece, one of a series, from JBW Designs called French Country - Love. I did it over one with DMC (two variegateds and one plain).

Really must get back to the WIPs. Especially the one that I need to have done and framed by the beginning of September...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Year, new term, new school take 2

Today Tamsin started at her new school.

There she is, ever so happy in her new uniform, ready to go.

But why a new school? She is only Year 3 with no need to move until Year 7.


Helicopter mother that I am, I was increasingly concerned about her behaviour as last year progressed. Term 1 at both school and gym was fine. But from mid May on, things just weren't...ummm...right.

After much thought and discussion I moved her from TriStar to GymCity Papatoetoe in the hope that a smaller gym and older coaches would improve her "lack of focus" "increased distractibility" and in my opinion "her mimicing her autistic friend's behaviour".

That move has helped her gym a little, but the behaviour generally continued.

More discussion as to why her behaviour had become what it was and I have a list of probable causes that I suspect are all involved: death of her grandfather, Jess starting new school but not her, the composite class policy at Mangere Bridge; teacher distracted by her own travel plans and future; plus some others.

So we bit the bullet and hunted around for a new school, since that was a source of several of the issues and a situation we could change.

We were very lucky and found a Montessori based school a block away from my parents, and just 10 mins drive from us: Golden Grove.

Tamsin has been excited about since her visit, and her behaviour has been improving markedly in the last week as the start date became a reality.

I have my "old" Tamsin back - long may it continue.