Saturday, April 19, 2008

more from the Evil Gym Mom

It was Jessica's mock comp today. She is now much much calmer about the upcoming Waitakere comp.
Why?Cos she nailed her vault.
Jess is not fond of the vault table. Could do a good vault if the coach was right there, but if coach backed off (as they have to in competition) she'd fluff it big time, with the silliest looking fluff up just last Thursday.
In fact, she nailed it to the point of scoring 14.2 - which is only 0.8 of a deduction (start value for L4 vault is 15.0).
Everything else was ok - splatted her front tuck off beam (for the first time all term) cos she put too much power on it and thus over rotated but nailed her back walkover so that's cool; splatted her straddle on jump to high bar, but nailed the all the other connections in the routine so that's cool; and floor was fine - just a bit "flat".
Basically she just needs to work on bringing her execution marks up (the B score) and she'll do ok to reach the qualifying marks needed to move up to L5.

Friday, April 18, 2008

from the Evil Gym Mom

Photos from the mock comp.
Tamsin, a L1b, is ok on bars (13.0) and vault (13.3), dire on floor (9.0) and beam (9.8). Oh well. It's a month till the Waitakere comp so some concentration on her part required.
I did like her beam though, despite its execution errors - she kept her chin up all the way through, and looked elegant. A lot like her big sister actually...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

just to let y'all know...

Jessica has been accepted (verbally at the interview) for one of the schools we've applied for. And it's the one she wanted most. I'm relieved, she's thrilled.

The gym club the girls attend hold mock comps at the end of the first term for the competitive gymnasts. Mainly to see where they're all at and to give the first timers a taste of what the competition format is like: salute the judges, wait for their signal to start, don't tug on your leotard, etc etc
So Tamsin has hers, the first ever for her, tomorrow. Jess' is on Saturday. Jess is calm about hers, she's comfortable with her preparation for it. Tamsin, well, due to the logistics of things, I never actually watch her class. Her Tuesday class this week was run in conjunction with the mock comp for the L3 girls. Today she quietly said "It's my comp tomorrow. Will you please please stay, come inside, sit down and watch me?"
"Of course I will, I was fully intending to."
But obviously I hadn't made sure she knew that
Bad momma must take camera to gym tomorrow, so that Evil Gym Mom can post some shots of Tamsin, aka long legs Tinkerbell.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Challenge Piece FINISHED!!!

Every year the Yahoo group I belong to (2muchXS) has a challenge to start something on the 1st day of the year - at 12.01 even, should one be up, LOL. It's cos some members hate kitting up and starting things (others have no problems whatsoever!). Anyhoo, it's a very popular challenge on the group and this is the 4th year I've taken part.
And here's my piece for this year, finished. It's a kit from Vervaco: OWL designed by Nicole van Axx; and it will get framed and given to my mum to remember a visit we made to Chester Zoo when she and I went to the UK many years ago. There were lots of wonderful owls there.

So here's an early Mother's Day gift, mum - better find another space on the wall!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Caught napping...

so busy reading my favourite blogs that I forgot how long it was since I last posted, duh!
Not that much to report really, just more of the same.
Owl is getting close to the end. I'm at the point on the chart where some colours are finished with, yay!
Actually did some sewing: a skirt each for the girls, done in less than a day.
End of the school term is getting closer, so have been doing the great holiday organisation thing. I'm juggling work, regular gymnastics classes plus extra ballet classes during the day (!) as the RAD exam is early June. My hero mum is coming to the rescue by having both girls for the first week and getting Tamsin to her ballet classes that are at 9am each day.
I know I'm going to be sick of the inside of the car by the end of it all. But what's new about that?