Wednesday, April 16, 2008

just to let y'all know...

Jessica has been accepted (verbally at the interview) for one of the schools we've applied for. And it's the one she wanted most. I'm relieved, she's thrilled.

The gym club the girls attend hold mock comps at the end of the first term for the competitive gymnasts. Mainly to see where they're all at and to give the first timers a taste of what the competition format is like: salute the judges, wait for their signal to start, don't tug on your leotard, etc etc
So Tamsin has hers, the first ever for her, tomorrow. Jess' is on Saturday. Jess is calm about hers, she's comfortable with her preparation for it. Tamsin, well, due to the logistics of things, I never actually watch her class. Her Tuesday class this week was run in conjunction with the mock comp for the L3 girls. Today she quietly said "It's my comp tomorrow. Will you please please stay, come inside, sit down and watch me?"
"Of course I will, I was fully intending to."
But obviously I hadn't made sure she knew that
Bad momma must take camera to gym tomorrow, so that Evil Gym Mom can post some shots of Tamsin, aka long legs Tinkerbell.

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Little Miss Flossy said...

That's great news, what a load off your mind. Can't wait to see photos of the mock comps.