Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Caught napping...

so busy reading my favourite blogs that I forgot how long it was since I last posted, duh!
Not that much to report really, just more of the same.
Owl is getting close to the end. I'm at the point on the chart where some colours are finished with, yay!
Actually did some sewing: a skirt each for the girls, done in less than a day.
End of the school term is getting closer, so have been doing the great holiday organisation thing. I'm juggling work, regular gymnastics classes plus extra ballet classes during the day (!) as the RAD exam is early June. My hero mum is coming to the rescue by having both girls for the first week and getting Tamsin to her ballet classes that are at 9am each day.
I know I'm going to be sick of the inside of the car by the end of it all. But what's new about that?

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