Saturday, April 19, 2008

more from the Evil Gym Mom

It was Jessica's mock comp today. She is now much much calmer about the upcoming Waitakere comp.
Why?Cos she nailed her vault.
Jess is not fond of the vault table. Could do a good vault if the coach was right there, but if coach backed off (as they have to in competition) she'd fluff it big time, with the silliest looking fluff up just last Thursday.
In fact, she nailed it to the point of scoring 14.2 - which is only 0.8 of a deduction (start value for L4 vault is 15.0).
Everything else was ok - splatted her front tuck off beam (for the first time all term) cos she put too much power on it and thus over rotated but nailed her back walkover so that's cool; splatted her straddle on jump to high bar, but nailed the all the other connections in the routine so that's cool; and floor was fine - just a bit "flat".
Basically she just needs to work on bringing her execution marks up (the B score) and she'll do ok to reach the qualifying marks needed to move up to L5.

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Little Miss Flossy said...

Tell her good luck as she keeps working towards her first comp. Although luck has precious little to do with it. The harder she works, the luckier she'll get! (That was Jono's quote of the term LOL) Have you got the holidays sorted?