Thursday, June 27, 2013

More from the stash...

First up (not that you can see the gold pattern very well) is an AER leo made from a gold swirly patterned white lycra.  Tink wore it at the inaugural Gymnastica AER comp in New Plymouth.  White lycra needs a lining... it did not look this see through on the floor.  It now has more sequins and applique.  An undietard is on the "to buy" list, though.
It really stood out amongst all the other brightly coloured and patterned leos that were on show that day :)

I've been wanting to do a red, white & blue leo for some time... and Tink looks so good in blue.  So from the stash came AER leo take 4, worn at Akl Secondary Schools AER comp last Saturday:

That competition was held in a theatre, on a stage under full lights, so the leo looked great.  Tink wasn't so sure about red when I discussed the fabric choice with her, but likes this combination.

Back in 2010, the 2nd RG leo I made for Jess was the infamous "frangipani leo" - the one she was loathe to wear at first as she thought it "too loud", but it became one of her favourites that she wore for two seasons.  It was also the leo I still like the most (once done, I actually don't like most of the leos I've made; guess that's what drives the desire to improve...).  So I decided to make another version:

Worn for Rope at Counties, the navy looked so elegant on the floor.  Bling still being added  :)

I have a couple more ideas floating around, so watch this space!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Evil Gym Mom Gets To Brag!!!!!

Today Tink went to Counties Manukau for her first Rhythmic comp of the 2013 season.  This year she is Level 4, and as such, trying to qualify and be selected for Nationals.
She was the first competitor with her Freehand routine, which she rocked.  She did okish Rope and Ribbon routines.  But waiting around for prize giving was so worth it:

3rd Freehand
4th Overall