Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not much to report...

I'm back at work, in my new job, after a very relaxed do-nothing 3 weeks.
I've done some stitching on my Challenge piece, but haven't touched it for nearly a week now. It has been really hot and sticky here, and feeling very unmotivated with it.
However, I did succeed in getting the girls to totally empty out their rooms, sort'n'toss, then rearrange and put back. Even cleaned windowsills, washed the net curtains and turned out their drawers. The rooms looked great for, oh, a day LOL. It only took 4 days of nagging, bribery and threats - as I refused to do it for them.
Still, it got done and there are no baby toys in this house anymore. All that's left is a humungous pile of soft toys.... I swear those dang things procreate in the dark of the wardrobe!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First 2008 Finish!

And, like my first finish for 2007, it's a Margaret Sherry chart from a UK Cross Stitcher magazine (forget which issue, sorry!).Looking at my 2007 Finishes list I see that a good proportion of them are charts from that magazine; it's been a fabulous subscription - well worth the hit on the credit card :)

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2008 :)

First stitches are in my piece for the 2muchXS "Jan 1 2008 Challenge".
I have not stitched at all on my pieces for the UFO Challenge or the Stitch in the Dark SAL; but I did reach my goal of a finish a month (not that I actually finished one each calendar month, but I did finish more than 12 for the year, so mathematically I did, right?) and the Penguins were among the list, woohoo.

So here's to a stitchy year, and may much stash come your way...