Friday, December 27, 2013

What did I miss?

So - Christmas has come and gone and here I am, staring at the end of the year already.  Was it just me, or did this year really, really, just zoom past?
It was so fast that I haven't posted since before Nationals; and that was in the first week of October!
Speaking of Nationals, the first thing I missed was to post an update about Nationals.  It was lovely being in Napier; the venue was great for the competition floor, but useless for training and warm up areas (not like Dunedin where the comp floor was good and the warm up areas were huge).  It was a great experience being a judge and I'm looking forward to continuing being an AER judge in 2014.
How did Tink do, you ask?  Well, Tink volunteered again and this year competed aerobics ADP2 (a higher stream than the Steps program she competed in last year).  She just missed out on earning a kitten, as she was 0.1 (!) off getting her proficiency pin, gah!  This was still a great result though as 15.65 is a whole point higher than she'd gotten in ADP2 all year (Go Tink!!).  In fact, the ADPs really competed hard.  All of them brought their game faces and upped their energy for Nationals - something, in my opinion, the Steps girls didn't really do.
The other things I missed updating were, unsurprisingly, leotards:

Tink's freehand leo, made when she grew in the body (for a change) between comps.
Ribbon leo, made for the same reason.  Her rope leo I've posted previously.

This is a size 6 leo for sizing purposes, as I have lovely people wanting me to make leos for their girls and this way I can work out which size/style fits best.  Although I will sell it should someone want it :)

And last, but not least:
For Ana, to wear at 'nastics class in Houston now she is 4(!!)
It better arrive safely, Mr Postman...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One for the road

Tamsin heads off to Nationals tomorrow, driving down to Napier with members of the Gymsports Manukau team from Soul2Sole. Please send her compete well vibes  :)

Of course, she couldn't go without yet another new leotard!

Not quite finished in these images - one more applique line since added; one invisible zip now inserted; (thanks Clare!) and a matching scrunchie made and it has been packed away in the competition bag ready for Napier.  Did you know there were FIVE leotards already in that bag?!
And for those that have been watching: yes, that is the new raglan sleeve specially tweaked for Tink leo pattern, and I would share the tester leo, but the camera won't download the image, grr.  But it's the same leo, just done in purple tiger lycra.
I head down to Napier on Thursday.  Why not with Tamsin, you ask?  Because I'm a big girl now and will be judging the Step Aerobics this year and thus hanging out with all the other judges.  Wish me luck!

Friday, September 27, 2013

The new old sewing machine

My trusty little Janome Gem needed emergency servicing a little while ago... mid leotard making mid comp season when Tink grew in the body between comps.  My fabulous, and fortunately extremely local, sewing machine service man Merv had a loaner for me to use to finish the leo I was in the middle of.
My equally fabulous mum picked up my Janome when it was ready, and made it possible for me to keep the loaner Elna as it  had variable stitch width zig zag, something that the Janome was lacking and that I was really starting to need with all the applique I'm now putting on the leos.
So now I have three machines, all set up and used often.  Here are photos of 2 out of the 5 leos I've made since I last posted, making full use of the new old Elna's ability to applique nicely.

Tamsin loves loves loves this one; it is extremely loud on the floor.  She wore it at ZM4 in early September.

This one was to be for Nationals next week, instead of the neon yellow as her coach prefers Tink in blue. I wanted to try blue with ice blue and raspberry as a tester for her RG hoop leo for next year since her hoop is now raspberry with silver and blue accents.
However, it doesn't fit right (neither does the neon yellow when I really look at it) and this one just doesn't look right on Tink.  Arrrrgh!  So my fabulous neighbour, Clare, is tweaking some patterns to make a Tink-specific pattern for me to use, in an all fire hurry, to make a leo by next Thursday.
No pressure, lol!
I'll post up photos of the other three leos when I can get hold of good shots of them - Tink isn't well right now so these two were as many as she was willing to cope with.  They were leotards for freehand, ribbon and training.

Monday, July 15, 2013

A very early start....

It was the Spiralz RG competition this weekend just gone - our favourite of the comp season (although the Gymnastica AER one will be a close 2nd from now on).  It is always a well run, friendly event where they keep the stadium nice and warm; no mean feat in mid July!
This year the Level 4s were the very first session on Saturday: 8am compete with a 7am warm up start time. There were 16 girls competing from all over the North Island.
As the venue is in Te Awamutu, a 2 hour drive south, this meant setting the alarm for 4.15am and  leaving home by 5am at the latest.
But it was worth it:

1st in Rope!
Way to go Tinkerbelle!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

More from the stash...

First up (not that you can see the gold pattern very well) is an AER leo made from a gold swirly patterned white lycra.  Tink wore it at the inaugural Gymnastica AER comp in New Plymouth.  White lycra needs a lining... it did not look this see through on the floor.  It now has more sequins and applique.  An undietard is on the "to buy" list, though.
It really stood out amongst all the other brightly coloured and patterned leos that were on show that day :)

I've been wanting to do a red, white & blue leo for some time... and Tink looks so good in blue.  So from the stash came AER leo take 4, worn at Akl Secondary Schools AER comp last Saturday:

That competition was held in a theatre, on a stage under full lights, so the leo looked great.  Tink wasn't so sure about red when I discussed the fabric choice with her, but likes this combination.

Back in 2010, the 2nd RG leo I made for Jess was the infamous "frangipani leo" - the one she was loathe to wear at first as she thought it "too loud", but it became one of her favourites that she wore for two seasons.  It was also the leo I still like the most (once done, I actually don't like most of the leos I've made; guess that's what drives the desire to improve...).  So I decided to make another version:

Worn for Rope at Counties, the navy looked so elegant on the floor.  Bling still being added  :)

I have a couple more ideas floating around, so watch this space!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Evil Gym Mom Gets To Brag!!!!!

Today Tink went to Counties Manukau for her first Rhythmic comp of the 2013 season.  This year she is Level 4, and as such, trying to qualify and be selected for Nationals.
She was the first competitor with her Freehand routine, which she rocked.  She did okish Rope and Ribbon routines.  But waiting around for prize giving was so worth it:

3rd Freehand
4th Overall

Sunday, May 26, 2013

now for one I prepared earlier

In previous post I mentioned that I'd made an RG tester leo, but hadn't taken any photos.  I've rectified that now, so here it is:
It is hard to get on, fits very well and she likes it.  But really, she needs to move into size10 (this is a size 8).  I think it all depends on the lycra used as to the fit, as much as the pattern size.  For example, her last year's velvet one still fits just fine - and it's a size 7.  Trial and error continues to be the way forward, it seems.  Just as well I have so much lycra stashed away....  lol.

Just testing... still!

I realised that I had never kept a record of exactly which pattern (I have about 5 I use) was used for which leotard.  So this year, I'm keeping a note of that, along with how it fit.  That way, when I come to make the "real" comp leo(s), I'll be able to use the right pattern that fits!

Therefore, here are two more:

Tink says the neon peach/black one is the most comfortable (cos I used a different leg elastic), while I think the lime swirl one looks the most striking.  I've been dying to use those green fabrics!
But it's definite: she's now a size 10, up from the last two years' size 7.  Better go check the fit of last year's RG leos, I guess...

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's that time again....

Leotard making time....
First of two made this week:
AER tester for 2013, s8 slim. Only thing is, Tink has grown (in the body this time!) so is now a s10.
The other one is an RG tester, also s8, also just on the wrong side of too small.
Consequence?  6 leotards now available for sale, and 4 leotards need to be made in the next 4 weeks - yikes!
My mum reckons kids always grow during school holidays...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tiny with a bow

This one I actually finished back in mid February.  I didn't post it before this due to settling into the new logistics timetable for this year.  Amazing what a difference to the daily routine Tink being at the same school as Jess,a  new RG club, a new dance school, and new work hours make!

Just Nan
(a very old one, given to me by a work colleague who has been cleaning out her sewing room).

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bright and Shiny

Here she is, bright and shiny, getting ready for the next big adventure:

First day in Year 7, joining big sister at Marist College, in Mt Albert.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ginger, Chocolate & Cinnamon

For some reason, the cats have to be close to me if I'm working on a computer - be it the pc or the laptop.  Actually, that goes if I'm just sitting down too.  If one comes to say hello, then green eyed monster jealousy means that the others have come to say hello too... which usually ends with a bit of a hiss and a roar between them as they don't really like being very close to each other.

Ginger kitteh, Tinsel; and our Chocolate & Cinnamon Ocicat, Cheetah

But sometimes, it seems they can cope with being this close together, if it means they get to stay near me in typical cat comfort!

Can it be?

Might I have my stitching mojo back???

Daisy Cottage from Little House Needleworks.

As usual, this took way longer than such a small piece should... but it is finished, and within the same month as starting it!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

OMG! It's a... a... a...


Yup, I do still stitch - just nothing like the amount I used to.  However, while not having any cross stitch finishes at all in 2012, I would like to point out the number of leotards that got made instead (please see my side bar, on the left, down a bit), lol.
This one is from the UK's Cross Stitcher magazine; done on 22ct hardanger using Red Carnation, Plum Pudding and DMC Antique Effects gold.  Finished as a small hanging, ready to be given to my friend Rachel as her, very belated, annual Advent gift.