Friday, September 27, 2013

The new old sewing machine

My trusty little Janome Gem needed emergency servicing a little while ago... mid leotard making mid comp season when Tink grew in the body between comps.  My fabulous, and fortunately extremely local, sewing machine service man Merv had a loaner for me to use to finish the leo I was in the middle of.
My equally fabulous mum picked up my Janome when it was ready, and made it possible for me to keep the loaner Elna as it  had variable stitch width zig zag, something that the Janome was lacking and that I was really starting to need with all the applique I'm now putting on the leos.
So now I have three machines, all set up and used often.  Here are photos of 2 out of the 5 leos I've made since I last posted, making full use of the new old Elna's ability to applique nicely.

Tamsin loves loves loves this one; it is extremely loud on the floor.  She wore it at ZM4 in early September.

This one was to be for Nationals next week, instead of the neon yellow as her coach prefers Tink in blue. I wanted to try blue with ice blue and raspberry as a tester for her RG hoop leo for next year since her hoop is now raspberry with silver and blue accents.
However, it doesn't fit right (neither does the neon yellow when I really look at it) and this one just doesn't look right on Tink.  Arrrrgh!  So my fabulous neighbour, Clare, is tweaking some patterns to make a Tink-specific pattern for me to use, in an all fire hurry, to make a leo by next Thursday.
No pressure, lol!
I'll post up photos of the other three leos when I can get hold of good shots of them - Tink isn't well right now so these two were as many as she was willing to cope with.  They were leotards for freehand, ribbon and training.

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