Thursday, August 19, 2010

Evil Gym Mom forgot to brag

This happened last week, and I'm only just now posting it!  Bad momma.

Anyhoo, this is a YAY TAMSIN post cos last Wednesday she got her jazz grade 1 exam result:
That means 85-89% score, and there's only two levels above - High Honours and Distinction.

Now we wait for the RAD ballet grade 2 result (she had that exam the same week as her jazz exam), which won't be for weeks yet.  Patience is not my strong suit.  Tink couldn't care less - she's busy learning the dances for the two recitals she'll be in later in Term 4.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things you do...

...while waiting for the girls at various ballet/gym classes
Dimensions kit (14ct aida, 5x7)
I love his eyes!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

in case you thought I'd gone crystal mad

Here's a cross stitch finish - finally!
Gold Collection Petites, by Dimensions.
From the stash, bought ages ago.

In a [hot] fix - part two

Blinging just a few hot fix crystals on the front of a practice leotard wasn't enough.
So I spent the last four days - yes, four - blinging a new comp leo for Jess.  The photos don't really show them very well, but I assure you that there are hundreds of the little sparkly things on there!

orange on the red, and volcano on the white
I get to find out this weekend at the Shore RG Champs how well those crystals show up on the comp floor.
Jess doesn't care, she loves this leo!

In a [hot] fix - part one

I bling leotards.
I bling them here,
I bling them there,
I bling leotards everywhere.

It's true, I do bling them everywhere.  I have appliqued and sequinned at home, at ballet and at gym.  I also use fabic paint and crystals.
Ahhh, crystals.  I love me some hot fix crystals - no mucking about with glue on stones for me!  And believe me with this one, gluing on crystals is mucky yucky blech.  Whereas applying them with the Bedazzler is soooo much easier.  So easy that a certain blog friend's hubby, while staying with us recently, was so taken with hot fix crystals that he insisted on being taken to Spotlight on the way home from the airport to buy a Bedazzler for their use. 
Do I get enabling points for that?
Thing is, Swarovski crystals are expensive - Spotlight has them in little packets of 24 for $8. So to get decent coverage on a comp leo, you have buy at least 8 - 10 packets.
Ebay, on the other hand (if one doesn't mind them being Korean via Hong Kong), has a very good store where I was able to get lots - and I mean LOTS - of very pretty crystals for not very much.  How does $60 for 17,300 in various colours sound?  I know I liked it.  The gym coaches did too, although they did look at me worriedly and said "not all on one leotard, right?"
So, of course, I had to do some blinging when the exciting packets arrived in the mail:
Black diamond and orange crystals, on black cotton lycra.