Saturday, December 25, 2010

A life lived to the full

That was my friend Bethli.  And today she is another statistic, another life lost to cancer.
Photo from quite awhile ago - as that's Tamsin that Bethli is holding. Doesn't matter, as Bethli hadn't really changed any - not the whole time I knew her.  We met, first year university students, back in 1985. Such an indomitable spirit, our Bethli.
She will be remembered.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

now for one I prepared earlier

The very attentive among you will have seen listed in my finishes box "RG comp leos - 7", but will have noticed that only 6 leos have actually been pictured.
So, here's RG comp leo number 7, finished in late August 2010 for one of the L3s whose own leotards were driving her nuts as they were too tight in the neck and too, too small in the butt.  As they were hand-me-ons, she didn't like to complain too much, but it's no fun competing with a wedgie.  So I took the opportunity to practise my leo skills and play with the crystals:

Olivia happily wore it at AKL Champs at the end of August.  I didn't get any photos of her on the comp floor as I was manning the door that day (Xtreme host that comp), but my spies said it looked great on her and really stood out on the floor.  I managed to get Jess to squeeze into it today so that I could have a record of it.  Hopefully, it will appeal to someone else and will sell at Xtreme's 2nd hand sale in early Feb.  All the leos I've made will be up for sale, with any $$ going towards buying more lycra stash for 2011.

yet another leotard...

While it's being modelled by Jess, it's actually a training leo for a gym buddy - Maxine, whom Jess used to train WAG with back at TriStar.  Jess had a group of her old artistic buddies over for what is becoming the annual sleepover: movies, junk food, play in the sprinkler and catch up.
I wanted to make another leotard to extend my skills ready for the upcoming 2011 comp season leotards, and Maxine chose this colour from the stash.

It was remarkably easy to put together - yay!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the season

For Christmas crafts!
The lovely ladies at Quench (Hillsborough Baptist Church) put a notice up at Tamsin's school regarding a "Gingerbread House Workshop" they were running.  Joy of joys, it was for a week night that the girls had nothing happening - more rare than a blue moon, that.
So I signed up.
It was such fun.  Really well organised, well run - can recommend it.  Using a supplied kit, icing and lots of lollies I managed to construct...

I kept it minimalist as I have been known to not know when to stop!
All the houses at the worshop looked amazing, and such an incredible range of concepts and approaches to decoration were employed.
The evening was such a success the Quench crew are thinking of making it an annual event.  I know I'll look out for the notice again.

Please welcome....


Jessica's long awaited "do well at Nationals" kitten. 12 weeks old, courtesy of the SPCA.
Cute, huh?