Monday, October 22, 2007

some stitching done....

and finally I can show a finish:

Autumn Quilt by Imaginating, done on 22ct hardanger.

I've also got the chart for Winter Quilt in my stash. There's actually four in the series shown in my Nordic Needle catalog but loved the colours on this one and liked the cat on the Winter one, whereas Summer and Spring did nothing for me. So, I was strong and only ordered the two I liked. Along with some packs of petite needles recommended by Dr P at 2muchXS, and they're as fabulous to use as she said they'd be - so thanks Dr P!

As usual, this took waay longer to stitch than I thought. Not stitching for week or so doesn't help admittedly. I find it very frustrating being such a slow stitcher - there are so many lovely things in my stash that I'd love to start but immortality just isn't in my genes so I'm definitely in the SABLE category...

Friday, October 12, 2007


and hi mum and Aunty Barbara :)
My Aunty Barbara is my mum's best friend - same birthday, same school, same home town, the works. She's also my godmother, and lives in the UK. Mum and Barbara have been faithfully and regularly corresponding ever since my parents came out to NZ in '65. Barbara is legendary in our family for never forgetting a birthday - we all, children and grandchildren as they arrived, receive the most beautiful cards in the mail every year. Lately they've been cute e-cards.
Well, I'm a hopeless correspondent. Dreadful. Since the advent of email, I have been a bit better - Barbara at least gets the odd photo and hello now.
I'm a little more reliable at updating this blog, so I took a deep breath and gave Barbara the URL, so that she could "see" what I've been up to, should she wish. Which lead to my mum now having the addy. Up til now my family had no idea I blogged. I did mention it to mum awhile back, but knowing that she hadn't the foggiest what a blog was, I knew it wasn't going to go any further.
So, as Rowyn said the other week: BUSTED! and thus hi mum and Barbara.
And, I'm hoping mum likes the photo of herself posted previously.....

Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday again

and we WON"T talk rugby, ok

The girls are back to school today. They had a great time at the Extreme Trampoline holiday programme, so file that one away to do again, like with the skate school one.
Tamsin is so nearly six now. Why? Cos she had her first tooth fairy visitation and is now proudly and forcibly showing all and sundry the gap in her lower front teeth.
Have done very little stitching over the last week, so no finishes or progress pics to post.
With the lovely long bright evenings that are now here,MAYBE that will change. Hope so!