Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bright and Shiny

Here she is, bright and shiny, getting ready for the next big adventure:

First day in Year 7, joining big sister at Marist College, in Mt Albert.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ginger, Chocolate & Cinnamon

For some reason, the cats have to be close to me if I'm working on a computer - be it the pc or the laptop.  Actually, that goes if I'm just sitting down too.  If one comes to say hello, then green eyed monster jealousy means that the others have come to say hello too... which usually ends with a bit of a hiss and a roar between them as they don't really like being very close to each other.

Ginger kitteh, Tinsel; and our Chocolate & Cinnamon Ocicat, Cheetah

But sometimes, it seems they can cope with being this close together, if it means they get to stay near me in typical cat comfort!

Can it be?

Might I have my stitching mojo back???

Daisy Cottage from Little House Needleworks.

As usual, this took way longer than such a small piece should... but it is finished, and within the same month as starting it!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

OMG! It's a... a... a...


Yup, I do still stitch - just nothing like the amount I used to.  However, while not having any cross stitch finishes at all in 2012, I would like to point out the number of leotards that got made instead (please see my side bar, on the left, down a bit), lol.
This one is from the UK's Cross Stitcher magazine; done on 22ct hardanger using Red Carnation, Plum Pudding and DMC Antique Effects gold.  Finished as a small hanging, ready to be given to my friend Rachel as her, very belated, annual Advent gift.