Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Applique insanity

Having fun with lycra - with a luscious lilac lycra, to be precise.  Jess saw me cutting and stitching the mega number of little motifs and told me I was insane.  You should see what she's up to at the moment and quite frankly, it's the pot calling the kettle black; but that's another story and is for her to tell.
Anyhoo, voila!

It's a half size or so too big for Tamsin (it was an experimental one anyway), so is up on Trademe hoping for a new home to go to.
I really must stop playing and get on with the "real" leos, the ones my girls will wear for this season's competitions...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Resetting the shape template

All this making sizing leotards has really made me realise that Jess is not a tiny child any more.  That, and buying her a new dance top for this year's Contemporary class.  Adult sizes for her now.  Skipped straight from child size 10 leotards into adult size XS (see red & black leo below), bypassing completely child size 12 and 14 (see white leo below).

The white one will go to the skate school 2nd hand sale, while the black lace one is up for sale on TradeMe (her "real" comp leos are still on the drawing board...).
Speaking of TradeMe:  I have managed to sell seven of my leos thanks to TradeMe.  Just as well, given how much I've spent on new lycra stash over the last few weeks, lol!