Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In a [hot] fix - part two

Blinging just a few hot fix crystals on the front of a practice leotard wasn't enough.
So I spent the last four days - yes, four - blinging a new comp leo for Jess.  The photos don't really show them very well, but I assure you that there are hundreds of the little sparkly things on there!

orange on the red, and volcano on the white
I get to find out this weekend at the Shore RG Champs how well those crystals show up on the comp floor.
Jess doesn't care, she loves this leo!


Andie said...

oooo you are clever!! :D I would need a pattern to follow, mine definitely wouldn't be pretty lol And good job on the enabling!!!

Kim said...

Gotta love a leo with bling! They look great

Ana said...

You're very talented Kathryn - it looks great.