Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Year, new term, new school take 2

Today Tamsin started at her new school.

There she is, ever so happy in her new uniform, ready to go.

But why a new school? She is only Year 3 with no need to move until Year 7.


Helicopter mother that I am, I was increasingly concerned about her behaviour as last year progressed. Term 1 at both school and gym was fine. But from mid May on, things just weren't...ummm...right.

After much thought and discussion I moved her from TriStar to GymCity Papatoetoe in the hope that a smaller gym and older coaches would improve her "lack of focus" "increased distractibility" and in my opinion "her mimicing her autistic friend's behaviour".

That move has helped her gym a little, but the behaviour generally continued.

More discussion as to why her behaviour had become what it was and I have a list of probable causes that I suspect are all involved: death of her grandfather, Jess starting new school but not her, the composite class policy at Mangere Bridge; teacher distracted by her own travel plans and future; plus some others.

So we bit the bullet and hunted around for a new school, since that was a source of several of the issues and a situation we could change.

We were very lucky and found a Montessori based school a block away from my parents, and just 10 mins drive from us: Golden Grove.

Tamsin has been excited about since her visit, and her behaviour has been improving markedly in the last week as the start date became a reality.

I have my "old" Tamsin back - long may it continue.


Andie said...

She looks lovely! I really like her new uniform :D I hope the school does the trick, I have heard that montessori schools are really good :D

Little Miss Flossy said...

Hi sweetie! Hope the new school is what she needs. More cute sandals!

sewfunky said...

We choose to travel 10-15 minutes to school everyday even though we have a school next door to us. I really wanted my girls to go to a country school with a better value base than what was on offer in our neighbourhood. We're lucky in that we live close to the motorway and ramarama school is close to the motorway too! :)