Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new year, new term, new school take 1

I know y'all know that Jess starts at a new school this year. This year she is Y7 and thus has left Primary School and is about to embark on the next phase of her education: intermediate school.

Hence, a new uniform - and here she is trying it on as a dress rehearsal for this Friday:

Doesn't she look smart? And quite grown up!

Her stationery is all purchased, named, covered and ready to go. She can't wait.
So that's Take 1.
Take 2 will be posted once Tamsin gets her new uniform and I can upload photos of her ready to start her new school (Golden Grove) next week.
And Tamsin going a new school is a whole other loooong story....


Little Miss Flossy said...

Wooo - check out those Romies! Very smart uniform. We're still trying to get something small enough to fit, found her pinafore in a size 6 today so fingers crossed.

Andie said...

She looks very grown up! Very nice uniform too :D

Anonymous said...

Love to see your blog!!
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