Friday, January 2, 2009

First 2009 finish

Unlike the previous two years, it's not a Margaret Sherry design. However, it is a character I've done a couple of times before.
Say hello to Eeyore - a Semco Disney kit entitled "Why Hello There".
I took part, for the 5th year now, in the annual Jan 1 Challenge held by the Yahoo Group 2muchXS. Basically, it challenges group members to start something brand new anytime on Jan 1 each year - at a second past midnight even, should you be up. And you can start more than one piece too. This year I challenged myself and started two.
The point of this challenge is to encourage some of the group to actually start things (some are notorious for hating kitting up and taking that first stitch). Finishing the piece during the year is optional (although I try to pick pieces I will finish else my UFO pile gets ridiculous).
For those of us who have no problems at all starting things, 2muchXS also have the annual UFO Challenge to encourage us to actually finish all the things we start. It was the support of this group and their UFO challenge that enabled me to finish Penguins on Ice (you may recall that piece took me 12 years to do). It's now helping me get The Abbey done.
A belated Happy New Year, everyone!


Judith said...

He looks cute Kathryn, he is one of my favorite caracters

Barb said...

That is cute!

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's very cute Kathryn. I love Eeyore :o)