Monday, January 5, 2015

Progress Report

Now here's a blast from the past!  Bet you didn't think I get this one out again... but every Christmas break I do try to get some stitching done on it, and this time I've succeeded, YAY:
Marty Bell's The Abbey, from Pegasus Designs

This is the last progress photo I can find of it, but I was a lot further on with it than this - the house was complete, as was the front fence:
Even so, I'm very happy with progress.
I still have quite a ways to go: the last of the garden, then fill in the missing sky (just one colour), then the (urk) backstitching - of which there is lots... oh well.  I still really like the design, so it is not too hard to continue on with it. 
This is the biggest design I've ever attempted; I'm a very slow stitcher - which is why my UFO and stash pile is so big!  LOL.

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