Saturday, April 16, 2016

Catching up

Competition season is underway - trampoline have started already, whilst artistic, rhythmic and aerobics start in early May, which is suddenly very soon!

I've been a bit behind posting finished leos, so here's a catch up:

Red glitter velvet with gold digital lycra applique, size 6 - now in Tauranga.

3 colours of metallic mesh with purple lycra butt, size 11 - now in Tauranga.

Adult Small, purple/blue metallic mesh over purple lycra - now in Tauranga.

Adult Small, maroon glitter mesh over black mesh - now in Tauranga.

Size 6, ready for lots of crystals - now in Tauranga.

 Size 8+, blue digital lycra with gold digital lycra applique - now with a Nth Hbr gymnast.

It's been a busy few weeks!

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