Sunday, August 12, 2007

Twelve years later

and finally they're done! Penguins on Ice is officially finished!!
Bought, and started, the kit prior to November 1995 (for my mum's 60th), did about 2 & a bit penguins then stopped stitching entirely for about 4 years, then when I did start stitching again mum received 9 other pieces while waiting patiently for the Penguins.
A huge thank you has to go to the Yahoo group 2muchXS. Without their UFO Challenge and the unflagging support of the list members, this piece would never have gotten finished. One must also point out that my stash has grown exponentially since joining the group nearly 4 years ago, but what's a bit of enabling among friends?
So off to the framers they will go and my mum will finally get her Penguins for her 72nd birthday. Thanks for waiting mum, hope you've got some wall space ready!


Rowyn said...

Good things take time :0) Congratulations on a cute finish!

Judith said...

Yeehaaa I am so proud of you finishing this piece. Looking forward to seeing it in total.

Floss said...

Oh well done! Your Mum is going to love it, congrats on the finish.

Jenn said...

Congrats on the finish. These little guys look great.

Kath said...

Well done on your patience to get this piece finished. Better lae than never and your Mum will just love it that you have made it.

Perhaps I should join this group... lol