Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Proud mama gets to brag

Miss Lily handed out the RAD exam results to the Grade 3 class tonight.
Jess scored 80 out of 100, so a pass with Distinction.
It is ten sections scored out of 10. She was a bit disappointed with the marks for character dance as she thought she'd done that ok. Sautes were her highest mark for the third year in a row.
Not as good as Grade 2 mark last year (93), but she had lots of extra practice with an older Grade 5 girl last year. This year she didn't do the extra practice, had the distraction of a full on cheer competition straight after the exam plus she freaked herself out about the exam while waiting to go in.
So all that taken into account, 80 is a very good mark.
Now onto the BAL exam in two weeks...

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