Thursday, June 28, 2007

be afraid Surfers Paradise, be very afraid

cos the Allstar Cheer teams have landed.

Farewelled one very excited junior cheerleader at the airport this morning. Today was THE DAY to get on a plane to Brisbane to then go to Surfers for the Down Under Spirit Champs. I did only manage one photo on the mobile of the event, but the chaperones have promised to take lots of pics during the 6-day trip.

Feels very odd to be doing nothing after school - normally we'd be in the car heading for gym practice by now. Jess better hope I don't get too used to not doing it, LOL!

I'm hoping I get lots of stitching done.


Rowyn said...

Look forward to hearing how she gets on.

Floss said...

So exciting! Hope she's having a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear how they do.