Monday, June 18, 2007

My Weekend by Evil Gym Mom

Here is my report on the weekend, LOL.

Saturday went well logistically, phew. Sunday went well logistically too, yay!

Ballet exam went ok for both girls, and then Tamsin had a lovely grandma day while Jess was competing Cheer Nationals.

Jessica was in two teams competing in Division 1 - East Development (her home team) and Junior Development (a combined team for the Aussie comp). East placed 5th and Junior placed 1st! She was really happy. It was a good afternoon and she had lots of fun with her cheer teams.

Now we're on the countdown to flying out to Australia (June 28). Only Jess is going, but she'll be really well looked after by the chaperones and the bigger girls. There is another Jess in the Senior team who has "adopted" Jess, and calls her "mini-me". Big Jessie is a lovely young lady and I have no fears about Jess travelling without us. In fact, I suspect she's going to be spoilt rotten!

As promised, I took photos of Lady Scarlet after recharging the camera batteries.
She really is rather lovely :)
My dear friend Sarah has her now, and thinks her new stitchy travelling companion is very cool.

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