Wednesday, June 6, 2007

As promised

a pic of Lady Scarlett's Secret Garden. It's not very good as the camera decided not to work, so I had to scan it. I'll post a better one when I get the camera up and running again. The little needle book is too cute, and was not bad to stitch and make up. I might stitch another one for me.

This is a gift for Sarah, my best friend and eldest DD's godmother. Sarah made quilts for both girls and then on our anniversary gave us the huge quilt she'd made for DH and I.

Anyway, thanks again Ally for enabling me into this lovely Just Nan kit :)


Jenn said...

Congrats on the finish it looks great.

Rowyn said...

It's gorgeous, well done.

Ally said...

Oh I love it, I must start mine soon, it is waiting for me... why does work get in the way of the stitching? At least my back is a lot better now, thanks for the good wishes!