Monday, July 2, 2007

Allstars Rule!!

The home phone rang last night, around half 7. A very excited voice said "Hi mama, WE WON!! And the seniors won their division too!!"
Go Allstars Junior Elite Development, yeah.
Also got a text around the same time from friends over in Surfers for a holiday and coincidentally staying at the same (huge) hotel as the cheer teams to say that Jess had a medal and that they'd managed to get some photos of her with medal and the trophy. Won't get copies of those till they get back in about ten days, but great that they took some for me so thanks Mark & Jo.
The teams have workshops today, then off to Movie World. Seaworld and shopping tomorrow, then they head home on the midday flight on Wednesday. Wouldn't want to be on that plane - figure it will be pretty loud!


Floss said...

Hooray! What fabulous news, you must be such a proud Mama! Look forward to seeing the photos and the medal.

Rowyn said...

Woohoo! Congratulations.