Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finishing update

I actually finished my last finish.
I know I know, us stitchers need some new words to differentiate between when we finish stitching a piece, and when we actually get it finished into its presentation format. Any suggestions?

My last post was to show that I had finished the stitching.
Now, I can say that I have finished the presentation. No photos sorry - I was in such a hurry to give it to the friend I made it for that I didn't take the time to photograph it.
Anyhoo, I found some fabric that complimented it to my satisfaction yesterday afternoon. Last evening was spent putting a border and backing on it. Late last evening was spent delivering it (and enjoying a looooong gossip with my friend - a fellow ballet mum).
Why was I in such a hurry to give it to her?
Rachel LOVES Christmas, and all the decorations that go with it. I wanted to give this wonderful gal a special pressie this year, but as it has a Christmas theme, I wanted her to have it for Advent so that she could enjoy it for this season. Advent was Sunday just gone, so I was 2 days late.
She forgave me cos she liked the piece so much.

Merry Christmas Rach - may next year be better than this one, chick.


stitchsarah said...

Hooray for finishing of both sorts, but especially the final one.

CameoRoze said...

I call the first staged "stitched" and the second stage "finished and ready for display." Wordy, I know.

By the way, I hope to find the answer to your question soon. It's buried somewhere in my Studio ... but my Studio is a disaster right now and needs to be bailed out.