Sunday, December 7, 2008

lotsa leos

Since I had the sewing machines out to "finish" Tis the Season, I thought I really should finally stitch up the leotards I'd cut out for Tamsin weeks ago.

And I did, yay me! I'm still working on getting the elastic around the legs to go properly - so don't look too closely, LOL.

These two leos I bought yesterday from Active Kids Sportswear. They're made by the mum of Jess' team mate Sophie and they're gorgeous.
Jess had gone over to Sophie's house to play/swim after club display and prizegiving yesterday and I took the opportunity to treat the girls when I picked Jess up. I'm hoping Tamsin can use her one for Rythmic comps. It has the most beautiful blue velvet on the bottom half.

That should set the girls up for training in 2009 as both have 4 classes a week and it saves me having to wash every day.

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stitchsarah said...

Extra beauty within and without - go you!