Thursday, August 7, 2008

things to do on a Thursday night

Read my favourite blogs, and follow the links therein...

Found this link on Aly's blog:

Random Questions. (:

What time do you go to bed?: 10.30pm usually
Do you drink coffee?: no
What was the last song you listened to?: Pink Floyd - Final Cut
How old were you when you got/gave your first kiss?: 16
What kind of ice cream is your favorite?: goody goody gum drops
Have you ever met an internet friend in real life?: not yet
Are you/have you ever been anorexic?: no
Do you know which US states don't use Daylight Saving Time?: nope
What size shoe do you wear?: 37
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?: my husband
Which is more important in your life, TV or Internet?: I have to choose?
Do you have an iPod?: nope
Have you ever been fired from a job?: no
Have you ever taken something you knew belonged to someone else?: not deliberately
Do you overuse smileys?: probably
Who is better; Madonna or Blondie?: depends on which incarnation of Madonna we're talking about..
Who is better; Elton John or Billy Joel?: both
Do you know the song Total Eclipse Of The Heart?: yup - both the original and the cover
When was the last time you ate something?: dinner
Name three website you visit every day:: yahoo, google, webmail
Have you seen all of the Jaws movies?: no
Do you have Entomophobia?: no
Do you know what Entomophobia is?: no
Have you ever worn black eyeliner?: years ago
Have you ever worn blue mascara?: it is possible
Ever spiked your hair?: nope
How long have you had a computer?: personally, 10 years. Does the Atari we had when I was 14 count??
Have you ever written something, and published it on the internet?: other than my blog, no
Do you have a crush on anyone at the moment?: my husband
Do you like Starbucks?: been there about 3 times, so no opinion
Have you ever owned a kitten?: yup - latest one is 8mths old
Is it raining where you are?: amazingly, no! first day in 2 weeks
When was the last time you played cards? (not on the computer): can't remember
Can you play chess?: I know the moves, but not any strategies
Ever owned a pair of the original Nikes? (white, with only a single swoosh): no
Ever worn leg warmers?: yup, in the 80s
When was the last time you read a book over 700 pages long?: at university
How many people are on your IM friends list?: don't use IM
How many hours of sleep do you usually get?: 7 on average
Have you ever drank cherry coke?: about 3 years ago
Do you prefer using pens or pencils?: pencils
Have you ever skipped for a long distance?: as a small child possibly
Have you ever had a black eye?: yup
The torture is over, you may now leave. (:

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