Tuesday, August 12, 2008

competition season is finally over

Tamsin's last comp was back at the beginning of July, but Jess had several more to go. The most recent was at Counties the first weekend of August.
There is one more on the calendar (Pukekohe), but Jess insisted that she not be entered, and as it wasn't a sanctioned comp, I agreed.
Technically though, the official end to the comp season is always considered to be Nationals held the first weekend of the holidays in Hamilton. And it's what attending sanctioned comps has been aiming at: qualifying, and then being selected to go to Nationals for your region (TriStar, Eastern Suburbs and Waitakere clubs = Auckland Region)
Tonight the Auckland team for Nationals was announced, and Jess got her wish:
L4 reserve
and her team mates Mandy and Maxine made the L4 team.
She's thrilled to be reserve as she doesn't have to do anything, LOL. No leo, tracksuit or training - only if one of the team pulls out up to a week prior to Nationals will she be called in.
So Jess' comp season is truly over and she doesn't have to train routines again till next year and she is so happy to be moving on to L5 skills.
I'm so happy (and proud) for her - she's been given credit for the work she's put in this year, and she's now able to relax and enjoy learning new skills again.

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