Sunday, July 6, 2008

Things to do on a Saturday evening

Attend gym comps of course - what else would an Evil Gym Mom be doing??
It was the North Harbour Junior invitational, and for some reason the numbers of L4 WAG meant that instead of the usual two separate competitions there was just one, slightly longer competition.
Why is this important?
Cos it meant that TriStar got to compete against the two top Auckland clubs: North Harbour and Counties Manukau. Girls from these two clubs took out the top spots in everything but Jessica managed to take 3rd on vault, and one of her team mates scored 3rd on bars.
Jess also reached her goal for this comp of a gold ribbon on floor and red ribbon on bars so she was stoked. We won't talk about beam, ok? Apparently the Nth Harbour beam is notorious for being "skinny and slippery". I have to admit I saw even the usually sure footed Nth Harbour girls step off some of their routines on it - and it's their home beam, so there must be something in the notion.
Tamsin had fun, but mostly it was same-old same-old regarding her routines. But I will say this - she salutes the judges beginning and end, tries hard and keeps her chin up. I could see some improvements, but not enough for her scores to show it. She loves the whole competition scene though, so we'll keep at it. Level 2 next year and she'll be 7 by comp season so maybe a bit more polish will be on show.
Now for the boring bit - yes, the camera battery was charged and I did take it with me so here's Jess' bar routine :)


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Little Miss Flossy said...

Hey 3rd on bars - that's great! Congrats to Jess. Sophie's next big competiiton is the CSG Classic in 2 weeks and she's a bit freaked out. Last year there was a big North Harbour presence plus a couple of teams from Australia - yikes! What are you up to in the holidays?