Thursday, June 26, 2008

Evil Gym Mom has a new toy...

Be afraid, be very afraid cos yes, the Evil Gym Mom is now in possession of a handycam! (Blame Dick Smith - they had a really good weekend special on a JVC HDD model)

Still getting used to it, so took several videos of Jess training on Monday and today. Also getting used to transferring the files around, uploading and posting them - hence the one above.

Oh btw Floss, just so you can pre-empt Sophie's eye roll, that's a glide kip, cast, back hip circle, cast, straddle on jump to high bar, long kip, cast, straddle on undershoot dismount. It should be a lot smoother and more flowing than that, with straight arms everywhere - but she's working on it.

I hope to get better before the next comp on July5, especially as that's the last comp for Tamsin for this year and therefore my last chance to capture some L1B action. Jess has 3 more after next weekend before she's finished; the joys of being a L4!

And this is a not very good video to illustrate my long winded post regarding L4 vaulting:

I'm not allowed to deliberately video anyone other than my children, so I can't show any comparisons that illustrate a "bad" vault, but hopefully the flight and pop off the vault are clear in the 2 seconds shown. I've still to learn how to edit etc with this new toy, so bear with me :)KTHNXBAI

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Little Miss Flossy said...

Hey that is so cool - thank you! Give me a few days to pratice saying the words and then I'll lay it on her LOL