Sunday, June 1, 2008

finally did some stitching!

I was in a no-stitch-zone over the past several weeks and it was not good. So I used the time honoured fix of a stash run to sort me out, deliberately purchasing two small items that I'd been eyeing up for quite some time. My intention was to finish one, if not both, during the long weekend that is Queen's Birthday.
However, I think I'll only achieve one finish - and here it is :)

It is a very small design by Permin, one of a range of little kits that finish up at just 4cmx5cm.
Wonder what my lovely framer, Jude, will say about framing this teeny little thing!


Rowyn said...

Lovely finish. I love those little Permin kits.

Judith said...

It is a beautifull little finish.