Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lickle Ted finished :)

Lickle Ted, along with a bath time duck from Cross Stitcher April 07, is all done. Woohoo. Two finishes for April. If I try hard, I might get Penguin #17 done before the end of the month as well - which would be too cool.

Jessica arrived home safely from a week of gymnastics in Napier. She said she had lots of fun and is much happier about some of her skills. Excellent :)

We'll head of in a minute to go to regular gym class (Thursday 5-8pm). Leaving early so that we can stop at West City mall on the way to get passport photos done. That way, her godmother can do that signature thingy for the application tomorrow (since we're meeting up to go to the Stitch show) and then off it goes to get processed. And that will be one more step on the road to Jess in Australia for cheer comp. Plus one more thing ticked off the to do list, yeah.

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