Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day 6 of my looong weekend

And Jessica has gone to Napier, DH is at work leaving Tamsin and me to chill out at home. My Cross Stitcher arrived yesterday, lovely. It has a really cute Lickle Ted design in it, just perfect for a new baby gift. Arrived just after I finish kitting up three designs to do ready for the birth of my colleague's baby - none of which I felt was just right, but I thought they'd "do ok". Classic Murphy's Law, that. Never mind, will kit up the Lickle Ted and do all four and then I'll have finished baby gift items in my stash - always a good standby item! Need to get a move on though, Tracey's baby is due in a month!
I really should give the house a good going over, but I simply can't get up the enthusiasm to start. With most things for me, once I start I'm fine. Just getting started though is sooo hard. And some days harder than others. So many things I could be doing - have option paralysis!
Right, big deep breath and I'll go do something
really I will

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