Monday, March 26, 2007

What did I achieve today...

I wrote a to do list this morning to organise my thoughts and to make sure I didn't waste the afternoon (Monday being one of two week days without afterschool activities).

Well, I managed to get to the bank, yay. And as the walk from the bank back to the car happened to take us past my framers, we popped in to say hi and see if my last finish was ready to be picked up. It was, great. So now it's ready to be handed over at Cooper's birthday party during Easter weekend.

Then we carried on over to a local gym club to check out enrolling my youngest, 5yr old Tamsin, in general gym class for next term (thank you Lisa for indirectly reminding me I needed to do that!).

Then home again to play on the internet. Hopefully I'll get back to stitching soon. In a bit of a slump and haven't touched any WIPs for nearly two weeks now, since finishing #15 & 16 on Penguins on Ice. I really should as I'm nearly done on a freebie chart from Quick&Easy - just the backstitching to go...

I wish I could stitch faster! Just half the speed that ole Smokey manages would be fab.

Oh well. To paraphrase Dory from Finding Nemo: keep on stitching, keep on stitching


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