Friday, March 30, 2007

...and more money out of the bank

Bought a fridge today. Bit the bullet and did it.

There is nothing wrong with our 11 yr old fridge other than it is now just too small. We have had to face facts and deal with it. But it feels weird to replace something that expensive when it's not broken.

As our current fridge is a small one (it was bought, at the time, to fit the gap available), when we built our present house, we made sure that the fridge space was bigger than the current fridge, knowing that we would have to upsize one day. However we found to our horror when out looking at all the whiteware stores, that new fridges now tend to be bigger than the gap in our kitchen! eeek!

Fortunately, our home grown appliance maker, Fisher&Paykel, still have a model that fits our gap AND it is a model that I like. Honestly, some of the fridges out there have so much internal plastic and do dads that there is no room for the actual food.

School holidays are fast approaching, with the end of Term 1 being next Thursday April 5.

Tamsin appears to have coped ok with her first term of school - she certainly runs into her classroom every morning quite happily. And at home all she does is practise writing her letters and numbers, which can't be a bad thing. Her "s" is now around the right way every time. Her "8" is still wonky, but I remember not being able to do those properly until my second year at school.
No more progress on the stitching :(
Last day of March tomorrow so I'd better get a move on if I'm to squeeze in a finish for the month.
That said, I'd better be off to bed as another busy Saturday coming up: housework, ballet, cheer fundraiser, gymnastics, grocery shopping - that covers 7.30am till 4pm non-stop. Sunday not much better, LOL. Go to work Monday for a rest, I think :)

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