Monday, June 6, 2016

Procrastination in progress

I'm a procrastinator.  I have no stitching mojo at all right now and haven't had it for months, even though part of me does want to be finishing my many cross stitch WIPs and get started on all the lovely projects in my stash.
Being a slow stitcher does not help, as even when I do put some time into a project, I get so little done that it is discouraging.
Also, it is winter now, and I have very dry skin on my hands that no amount of moisturiser can counter.  This results in cracked skin, meaning holding a needle can be painful and awkward, never mind how much the thread can snag on my fingers.
My get up and make leotards mojo is also on the fritz.  Tink really needs a proper ribbon leo, I'm not happy with the hoop leo and her ball leo needs either more (lots more) bling or an alternative one made; I have 2 more leotards on order plus I need to make some more for stock since my last size 7 was sent to its new owner during the week.
As one excuse, my time is curtailed at the moment as with it being competition season every second weekend has us at either an AER comp or a rhythmic one (if not both!).  This takes up a lot of time and I'm finding it harder to get past them mentally, particularly if I was judging.  Oh yeah, I'm an AER judge - did I ever say?
As is so often the case with procrastinating, once actually started all is ok:  it feels good, progress is made etc etc, making the not starting (or going back to it) all the more frustrating.
Still, I did manage to get a leotard made over the last fortnight:

That I love this colour lycra helped to get this done!
For a very nice Howick gymnast, who liked it so much she wore it home :)

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