Sunday, June 19, 2016

Just in Time

Jess coaches levels 1-3 for Xtreme Rhythmix and one of her girls needed a leotard for the Counties RG Invitational.  After a rummage in the stash, she chose:

Finished in time for Jess to take to the competition for her gymnast to wear.
Jess reported back that it looked great on Ella, and great on the floor - yay!

That same week (i.e. the week prior to the comp) I decided I really didn't like Red Zebra on Tink and that a new hoop leo was required.  Another rummage in the stash, where I pulled out the lycra I had intended to use before the red zebra fabric came home, I put together this:

Tink wore it on Saturday for L6 Hoop, where the substitute Evil Gym Moms (I was elsewhere judging AER) reported back that it looked good on her, good on the floor but showed a tad too much flesh... so a bit more applique and lots of bling required apparently!
Wonder if I'll get that done in time for Auckland Secondary Schools comp that is happening this Wednesday??

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