Saturday, September 1, 2012

Singing the blues

Jess is on her third ball leo for this season.  THIRD?! you say?  Yup, third.
Her original ball for the season was a very pretty glitter hot pink that she loved.  Loved too much it seems, as it developed patches with no glitter.
So we bought another ball - which was waay more used than we (or the person selling it) realised, meaning it had no grippy surface left on it at all.
Then we borrowed a ball (thank you, Clemmie), a sparkly gold one that I made the wet look black leo for.  Unfortunately, the ball was only able to be on loan for the one comp so back to the drawing board we went.  Fortunately, at that one comp we were able to purchase a beautiful swirly blue ball (thank you Bev & Olivia), for which I made this silver with blue leo:

Jess loves this leo, but it only lasted 5 minutes on the practice floor at Sth Is Champs as the direction I'd cut the fabric to have the silver hologrpahic run vertically didn't work on the butt (which needed the stretch to be horizontal).  Still, it was worth making it for the opportunity to play with shaping the hemline - something I'd been wanting to have a go at for ages but was too scared to do.
So, after a long consultation with one of my fellow gym moms who is very fashionable re the best colours for Jess and another rummage in the stash, we got:

Jess loves this one too - and the butt copes with competitions just fine (I learned my lesson and the butt is in plain matching lycra with even stretch on both grains).  I'm thinking of adding more silver sequins - what do you think?
Gotta love velvet for its sheen... and Picasa for the photo effects, lol!

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