Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brag warning!

This weekend is the Xtreme Rhythmix Champs - the last comp before Nationals, one last chance to get routines on the floor and get the kinks out, so to speak.
Jess went out there today, all determination, to do a good comp for the last time that she was representing TriStar.
You see, her beloved coach - Teegan - is moving on to further her medical studies, so the club is stopping their competitive RG programme above Level 2 (meaning we're off to a new club next term).  At Nationals, the girls are representing Auckland.
She and Teegan have been working on Jess' routines to nail her difficulties and up her artistry as Jess' scores have been sitting on the mid-14s all season, trailing well down the field.
Well, I saw lots of improvement over two weeks ago at Shore (even with two routines finishing late for a big deduction) - and the judges agreed:
Rope - 14.6
Ball - 16.6 (3rd)
Clubs - 15.2
Third overall, with her total 3 whole marks up on all her season's scores.
Apologies for the fuzzy focus - my phone rang just as they were calling up the podium and this was the only photo I got, one handed!  But that is one very happy gymnast.
Go Jess, you rocked!!

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Little Miss Flossy said...

Hey hey - wonderful news! Congrats to Jess.
No so good about Teegan tho, you must be gutted.